"The percentages of children meeting the minimum number of daily food group servings specified in the Food Guide Pyramid are 35% for fruit, 46% for meat, 45% for vegetables, 65% for grains, and 60% for milk.

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Only 2% of school age children meet the recommended minimum number of servings for all five major food groups in the Food Guide Pyramid
( Gleason P and Suitor C. US Department of Agriculture; 2001. Report No.: CN-01-CD1)

 Our Mission

PROFESSIONAL SPORTS SERVICES (PSS) is an innovative nonprofit organization whose mission is two-fold.

  • Provide sports and health service opportunities to help people gain insight and knowledge in an effort to optimize levels of health and wellness through education, training, advocacy, and exercise of discipline.

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    Build self-esteem and character, thus empowering them to become health conscious individuals.

  • Identify and assess the overall health of youth and adults in need
    • a. Identify the amount of youth and adult parents in the subject group who display health issues that require improvement.
    • b. Assess the types of healthy starts that are necessary to begin lifestyle changes.
    • c. Distinguish health issues that are different among youth and adult parents.

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    To help educate and implement healthy lifestyle practices
    • a. Identify and address unhealthy lifestyle practices that are ineffective.
    • b. Educate regarding short-term and long-term lifestyle changes that will improve the quality of healthy living.
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      c. Implement changes in a subject group for a specified period of time to show the affects of changes.

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    To build relationships with community and school based programs with specific program needs
    • a. Ascertain community and school based programs that address the issues of healthy living.
    • b. Develop partnerships with agencies that share common goals.
    • c. Plan strategies for partnerships to share responsibilities of the program objectives.

  • To build and maintain consistent program initiatives which bring about youth and adult awareness

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Questions, Comments? Contact Us! lorenzoarcher (AT) prosportsservices (DOT) org

Professional Sports Services is a certified 501c3 Non-Profit Organization